Forever Home Pet Pals

There are many wonderful dogs and cats in the area who are looking for their Forever Home - a safe and loving place where they can start their “new life” - maybe it’s your home. We've teamed up with a variety of reputable and responsible pet adoption agencies all across metro Detroit.

    This is Mila. She is about 1.5 years of age and weighs 60 lbs. She is an American Bulldog mix - her right eye is half blue and half brown. You can see her brown spots under her white hair. She is a very pretty girl. Mila has had a tough go of it. She came into the Madison Heights Shelter as a stray. She got very sick shortly after arriving and ended up at the emergency vet for a week. They thought she had Lepto but it ended up that she didn’t but she was there for 5 days and went immediately into a foster home. A few weeks later we found out she was pregnant and she had two puppies – both of which have been adopted. Mila is a sweet girl. She is in a foster home with a young child and she is fine with him. She loves playing catch with toys and balls. She is housebroken and is spayed. We think she would do best in a home with no other dogs. A fenced in yard would be great for her as well as she loves to run and play. She loves going for car rides and knows quite a few commands such as sit and down and stay. If interested, please go to You can email
    Hercules is currently residing at the Madison Heights Shelter. He had a rough road before he came to the shelter. Wherever he was before, he was obviously neglected. The choke chain collar that was on him was too small. It appeared to have been put on him when he was younger and he had out grown it. We were able to barely remove it without having to cut it off.
    Hercules is the sweetest, most gentle soul. The vet says he is between 3 and 4 years of age and he weighs 77 lbs. He is bulky: short and squat and very long. When he came into the shelter, it was obvious he had never been in a building as he was very frightened. He never once growled or snapped. He just ran and hid in the corner. With some coaxing by the volunteers and gentle words, he started trusting people and is now enjoying walks, riding in the car, going into buildings and doing just about everything any well socialized dog does. Hercules walks really gently on a leash without any kind of pulling. He likes his belly rubbed and is learning how to play. HIs favorite game is to have sticks thrown so he can chase them. He is not great at bringing them back, however. He would rather lay down and start chewing on them. Hercules rarely barks but he does snort with the cute slightly pushed in nose that he has. Hercules loves other dogs and finds comfort being around them. He enjoys the company of the cats in the shelter as well and is kid tested and loves kids and is very gentle with them. His new home will have to continue the process of him learning confidence and trust. He would love a home with a fenced in yard and a canine companion and children.
    If interested, applications are at You can email and getting attention. I get along ok with other kitties once I get to know them, but would do better as the only kitty too. I would love to find that forever home to call my own – could it be with you? Love, Jack

    Name: Maxine.

    Date of Birth: estimated August 11, 2012

    Female - SPAYED

    Short Haired Black

    Hello, I’m Maxine. I came to Tigerlily Cat Rescue after a Good Samaritan rescued me from outside when I was quite pregnant. I had 3 wonderful little boy kittens, and was an excellent mom! I am now spayed and all ready to find my own forever home too! I would do best as an only cat – I really like to be the Queen Feline. I’m friendly and sweet, though I do enjoy my alone time too. Maybe you have the purrfect home for a stunning girl like me?

    Love, Maxine

    If interested, please go to Pet Finderto find more info about Maxine and Tiger Lily Rescue.

    Name: Opie and Orrey

    Date of Birth: April 4, 2013

    Opie - Male Kitten- NEUTERED

    Short Haired Grey Tabby

    Orrey - Female Kitten - SPAYED

    Short Haired Black and White

    Hello world! I am your fearless leader Opie and this is my faithful companion and sister Orrey! I am just waiting for the perfect family to go life's adventure with! I am not scared of my big foster doggie siblings and I lead my siblings into daily crusades to take back the living room from those silly dogs! My mom is always trying to teach me to be careful but I live for the thrill! If you are looking for a high energy funny boy I am your kitten! Orrey's your girl if you are looking for a friendly playful and loveable little girl!

    Love, Opie and Orrey

    If interested, please go to Pet Finderto find more info about Opie and Orrey and Tiger Lily Rescue.


    Name: SANSA and ARYA

    Date of Birth: estimated April 25, 2013

    Female Kittens - SPAYED

    Short Haired Brown Tabby (Sansa)

    Medium Haired Black Smoke (Arya)

    Hi there! We are Sansa and Arya, and we came to Tigerlily after being found in a dumpster. We are sweet and loveable little girls! Arya is the explorer – always wanting to check everything out and investigate. Sansa prefers to stay back and look pretty J They are wonderful little kittens! They both get along ok with other cats and even with dogs once they get to know them and know that they are safe. They would love to find that purrfect home of their own together – maybe it could be with you!

    Love, Sansa and Arya

    If interested in Sansa, please go to Pet Finder Sansa

    If interested in Arya, please go to Pet Finder Arya